New Boobie Bar Recipe - Now With More Milk-Boosting Oats

Hello Boobie Brands Customers,

In 2011, I started Boobie Brands with my mission to make  moms feel more confident to reach their nursing goals. My promise to you has always been to provide the most innovative and convenient products with the best ingredients we have available.  

It’s staying true to this promise and based on years of moms writing us and the 1,000s of reviews from our website, Amazon, Target, and Walmart, and all our independent retailers/hospitals/pharmacies, we made a decision to improve on our recipe for Boobie Bars. 

Check out the 4 ways I made Boobie Bar even better:..  

  • Even More Powerful Milk-Boosting Oats! 

Oats are now the FIRST ingredient! You can instantly spot more oats when you see our new bars. This means Boobie Bars are now packed with even more milk boosting superfoods to help you increase your supply. 

  • Oatmeal Chocolate Chip is now Gluten Free!

The last six years we only had one option for our gluten-free moms. This population of moms who feel bloated when they eat gluten are growing fast. We answered all your requests for more gluten-free options and removed the whole wheat and replaced it with oat flour blend to increase the milk boosting even more. 

  • More Chocolate Chips And They Are Now Soy-free!

You all wrote in and we listened. No more getting a bar with only 2-3 chocolate chips. We switched to customized, soy-free mini chocolate chips so that each bite of your  Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Boobie Bar is packed with chocolate goodness.

  • More Moist Than Ever!

In addition to wanting more chocolate, we have had hundreds of moms share that sometimes our bars are too dry and crumbly. We listened to this feedback and by removing the whole wheat, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip is now less crumbly and more moist than it has ever been. 

  • What Hasn’t Changed

Our commitment to make Boobie Bar’s function to support your milk supply has NOT changed. In fact, our Boobie Blend of galactagogues (milk-boosting superfoods) are 100% the same 1,480mg per bar and are now even more effective with the addition of more oats(whole & oat flour) eliminating the need for messy teas and pills with just ONE bar. 

Discover our new and improved Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Boobie Bar at your favorite local retailer or on our website. Thank you all for the Boobie LOVE. Because of moms like you in our village, we were the first and are still  the #1 lactation bar in the world!

Nurse Wendy RN, IBCLC, RLC + Founder/CEO




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