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Welcome Kit
Welcome Kit $55.00
We've been there mama, it's hard to make the first decision. That's why we created the Welcome Kit, so you can try all of our delicious Superfoods for Supermoms™ before making...
The Motherload
The Motherload $100.00
They say “it takes a village” so we invented The Motherload. Enjoy the best deal on all of our products at the click of a button if you are in...
BOOBIE* Body $44.00
Our Superfood for Supermoms™ shakes makes achieving your goals easier in every stage of motherhood. Made just for you, the real-life superhero Complete Meal Replacement Shakes 19g plant-based protein, 1...
BOOBIE* Bar $18.00
LIMITED TIME SALE!  Bars $12.99 each.  Discount automatically applied at checkout!   (Limit of 6 per customer) Our Milk to the Max™ lactation bars are the most convenient way to support...
Hydromom $20.00
Hydromom™ is a superfood electrolyte drink mix formulated just for moms, in every stage of motherhood because water is just plain boring! Superfood Hydration The science of Hydromom combines the...
BOOBIE* Bears $20.00
Unlike other gummies that solve only one problem, BOOBIE* Bears solve three of mom's most common issues: low breast milk supply, hair loss, and getting sick. BOOBIE* Bears are the...