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We want you, in our crew

We love to partner with mamas who have an engaged audience to share all of the BOOBIE* Superfood goodness! Think you are a fit? Apply below!
Step 1
Apply for the program
We review each application looking for the right brand fit, engagement rate, quality of content, and overall brand message of your channel
Step 2
Post Post Post!
Create and share content with your audience that features BOOBIE* products and your unique discount code/link
Step 3
Earn Commission!
When your community uses your code/link you earn 10% commission on qualifying purchases paid two times per month!
Share More = Earn More

Top Rated Content
gets Promoted

We love seeing the creativity from our Brand Ambassadors on how best to promote BOOBIE*. As supportive partners, we will promote the top Brand Ambassador content on Facebook and Instagram to get your code out there more and increase your commissions!
Be creative with your posts
Share your personal story
Tag @boobiesuperfoods as a business partner
Real, authentic photos do best
The Perks

Boobie* Ambassador Crew

Save on Boobie* Products
BOOBIE* Brand Ambassadors will receive a personal discount code to save up to 12x a year!
Earn Commission
Earn 10% commission on each qualified sale made using your link/code
Get Promoted
The most creative and engaged Ambassador content will get promoted across Facebook and Instagram
Your community saves too!
BOOBIE* will provide a 15% off code to share with your community
VIP Access
Gain exclusive access to sales, promotions, and new product launches!
Join the family!
Join our #boobieambassadorcrew Mama community and make new friends
Creative Inspiration

Best in Class Examples

Be sure to share how BOOBIE* products fit into your busy #momlife and how they have helped you achieve goals and save time.
Quality Content
High resolution, well lit, imagery or video
Good use of hashtags
Be sure to use #boobiembassadorcrew so we can track your content
We got you

Still have questions?

How do I apply?

Click the link below to submit your application

What are the requirements?

Typically we require ambassadors to have a following over 1,500, a public Instagram account, and for their page/voice to align with our brand

Does BOOBIE* offer paid collaborations?

Once in our ambassador program feel free to reach out to our influencer marketing team with any ideas for collaboration! They are reviewed on a case by case basis

How do I earn commissions?

Brand Ambassadors will receive a link and a unique discount code to share with your community. If either is used to make a qualified purchase, you will receive 10% commission of that sale

How do I get paid?

We process payments two times per month! You will be paid via Paypal into the account used when signing up

What type of content do you like from ambassadors?

We love when moms know how to keep it real while producing well lit and high quality images + videos

How do I get promoted?

Be creative, keep it real, and share your story! We love supporting our top Ambassadors by promoting their content on Facebook and Instagram

How do I know if I have been accepted?

We review applications twice a month. Once your application has been reviewed you will be notified by email!