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Pumping Petals

Flexible Milk Flow Solution

It's time to let comfort FLOW, Mama! Our Pumping Petals allow you the flexibility to use hot or cold. Adding heat to your pumping (and breastfeeding) routine is scientifically proven to remove more milk in less time.*

When to use hot: before and after pumping, increasing milk supply, experiencing slow let-down, plugged ducts, milk blister (a bleb), mastitis, and general soreness and tension.



When to use cold: Engorged breasts, tired eyes, and pain and swelling on any body part.

  • Improves Milk Removal to Boost Supply*
    • Warming the breast flange while pumping decreases the time to remove milk and increases the percentage of available milk removed*.
  • Super Convenient
    • Heat in as little as 10 seconds or freeze it to relieve pain and swelling. 
    • Snap-apart Design
      • Adjustable to fit any breast pump flange, breast, or body part to deliver warm and cool relief. 
    • Multipurpose
      • Petals are designed to use hot or cold. Heat petals to use on your abdomen for period cramps. Freeze petals to treat all your (or your kiddos) boo-boos. 
    • Sustainable
      • Designed for #momlife. Reuse hot or cold. No limit on usage. Non-toxic, BPA + BPS-free.
    • What's Included
      • 1 Set (2 petals) per box.
      • CAUTION: Contents may be hot when removed from microwave


    *According to the Journal of Human Lactation: Using a warm breast shield effectively warmed the nipple and areola and, combined with a maximum comfortable vacuum, decreased the time to remove 80% of the total milk yield and increased the percentage of available milk removed after 5 minutes of expression, with no change in the percentage of available milk removed after 15 minutes of expression compared with an ambient-temperature breast shield. Using a warm breast shield with an electric breast pump was comfortable and improved the efficiency of milk removal.

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    How To Use

    Microwave Heating Guide

    700 Watts: 15 Seconds

    1000 Watts: 12 Seconds

    1250 Watts: 10 Seconds 

    WARNING: Do not heat for more than 20 seconds in total. 

    Freezing Guide

    Place in freezer 4 hours prior to use.


    Can I exceed 15 seconds in the microwave if I want my Pumping Petals warmer?
    Pumping Petals are specifically designed with efficiency in mind. Heating above the recommended time for your microwave wattage will cause the contents to leak.* Microwave Heating Guide: 700 Watts: 15 Seconds; 1000 Watts: 12 Seconds; 1250 Watts: 10 Seconds. DO NOT HEAT FOR MORE THAN 20 SECONDS IN TOTAL.
    Do Pumping Petals speed up my let-down or increase my milk supply?
    Both! According to the Journal of Human Lactation, adding heat to your pumping (and breastfeeding) routine is scientifically proven to remove more milk in less time.
    Can I use Pumping Petals with all pumps?
    Yes! Pumping Petals are compatible with all pumps including silicone options like Haakaa and Pumpin’ Pals. Simply unsnap and re-snap to custom-fit any pump.
    Can I use Pumping Petals while breastfeeding? Is it only for pumping?
    Yes, you can breastfeed while using Pumping Petals. Use Pumping Petals warm before or during feeding to help relieve pain from clogged ducts and mastitis.
    Can I use Pumping Petals when I am no longer breastfeeding?
    Yes! Use Pumping Petals hot or cold on tired eyes, boo-boos, or anywhere else needing a little love.


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